Paul had a very full life until the auto accident. Then his life changed forever. 

He continued to work for another 11 months. But in June of 2001 the pain and weakness became to much and he could not continue to work. That is when he went out on disability. Unfortunately, the lady that hit Paul had no insurance or a driver’s license.

Paul has had a total of 3 surgeries on his neck  and had to have most of his neck fused via fusions, a plate and screws, etc. Paul used to work 6 days a week at the envelope factory, and on sundays he would help Senior Citizens with repairs around their homes,most of the time his charge would be a meal which they were more than willing to make for him.

Paul spent most of his working life helping seniour citizens with making their home more accessable by installing larger doors and bathroom rails so they could stay in their homes longer.

He also built wheel chair ramps to help them get into their homes a little easier,and also built decks so they could sit outside in the sun...He would do that at his own cost.

Hed spent his time and money helping them live a better life.

Instead of saving for his retirement he spent his Money and Time helping others.

We put this web site together to help Paul as he really needs your help now.

Thank You

Paul's accident happened July 5-2000,and the lady had no Insurance.

In Paul’s spare time he used to roller skate, hike, and ride his bike on the warm summer days/evenings. During the winter he loved to ice skate and help neighbors clear the snow off their driveways and sidewalks. He would also help senoirs with some of the things they were unable to do themselves. He did things such as, driving them to get groceries, Doctors appointments,fixing things around the house, and just anything to make their day's a little better, at No cost to the Seniour Citizens.



All of that has since ended. Paul spends most days in bed with migraine headaches, and finds himself wearing sunglasses about 99 % of the time,even in the house. He suffers from a lot of pain not only from the migraine headaches but also his left arm and hand. He has nerve damage in his neck and his left arm and hand are weak, with numbness in his fingers. He not only has the Migraine Headaches he now has Kidney Disease.We feel like we are just watching him waste away. He spends his time and money on doctors and various appointments when he isn't in a dark bedroom waiting for the headaches to end. It has been over 15 Years since the accident, and his retirement money has been spent on doctors and prescriptions, all of this has also left Paul a diabetic with Kidney Disease. Now having to pay for this, and even the specialist telling him, there is no help in sight.

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